Unbiased Software Reviews Based on Real Testing

Software is supposed to make our life easier. There are countless software products and tools out there that can help you solve specific problems or boost productivity.

But some apps are good, and some are bad. I've seen many vendors and developers overstate the capabilities of their products. Worse yet, some are total scams and may be unsafe to use. That's why we are used to (and we should) checking reviews and ratings for tools we're going to download or purchase.

However, if you Google or Bing reviews on specific software, chances are the top 10 results will be popular software download sites like CNET, Snapfiles, Softpedia, etc. where you can find some user-generated reviews and feedbacks. While that information may be useful, I often feel those articles don't have much substance. In other words, there is not enough "meat on the bone" to that address concerns like:

  • Is it safe to run on my computer?
  • Is it free to use without any catches?
  • Does it work as the developer claims?
  • What are the pros and cons of the software?
  • How can I use it to achieve what I want?
  • And the list goes on and on...

How Are SoftwareHow Reviews Different from Other Review Sites?

Perspective. When I get to know a computer program, the first thing I do is to read the product description from the developer's website. Once I understand its features and value propositions, I always question them. I don't believe what they describe until my test results convince me.

Evidence. I show you evidence of why a piece of software is good or bad. Unlike many review sites that tend to just copy information from the developers, I'll share my personal take on specific features and functions of the software. Those findings will always be based on hands-on testing with screenshots taken as I go along.

Transparency. I'm by no means a software expert, but this gives me an advantage — i.e. standing on the user's point of view to evaluate a software product. If I don't know how to use a program due to poor design, chances are you won't either. Plus, I never review software I don't use or test. If an app isn't free, I'll tell you when you should buy it and when you shouldn't.

Help. Not all software is created equal. Some require you to have a ton of tech experience, while some do not. The reviews on SoftwareHow also serve as tutorials that show you how to navigate the software. If you still have questions, leave a comment and I'll try my best to respond to you as soon as possible.

No flash ads. Personally, I dislike websites filled with flash ads in the form of images or videos. Most of the software review sites available on the Internet put such ads on their web pages. I understand they may have to do so to make their business sustainable, but I feel they’re annoying and they often slow down my computer (I hate it when my computer fan runs loud). On SoftwareHow, you won't see such ads. I promise.

Why Should You Trust Us?

First of all, I'm just a normal computer user like you. Ever since I got my first laptop back in 2007, I was fascinated by what software can do, and how it can make our lives easier. During the past ten years, I've tried or used hundreds of apps on my computers and mobile devices. Now I use a PC (17" HP Pavilion) and a Mac (mid-2012 MacBook Pro). I also have an iPhone and Android (Samsung Galaxy S5). You can read more about me here.

My goal in writing these roundup and review articles is to inform and help. I spend time testing these programs so you don't have to. I only recommend tools I've either tested or used - and turn out to be truly awesome. Not only will I tell you whether an app is good or not, but I'll also point out its cons and pitfalls that you should be aware of or avoid.

P.S. I'm now fortunate to have a great team to help contribute as well.

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Earning Disclosure

Some of the reviews contain affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase them, I'll receive a certain percent of commission at no additional cost to you. Please understand that this doesn't affect the mission of SoftwareHow, which is to provide the most reliable and unbiased software reviews. Also, I do use or test all the software tools I've reviewed and recommended them because they provide value, not because I'll make a commission if you buy. Currently, I'm a member of several affiliate networks including DigitalRiver, Avangate, and ImpactRadius.