Password Managers

Security experts always insist that we should use a unique password for every account to keep hackers out. Keeping track of all these passwords isn’t easy, but a good password manager solves the problem by remembering them all for you. With our expert reviews of the best password managers, you’ll never have to click a ‘Forgot Password’ link again.

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Password Manager Buying Guides

android password manager

The Best Password Manager for Android

We cover the strengths and weaknesses of each Android password manager.
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password manager for Mac

The Best Password Manager for Mac

There are a bunch of password management apps available for macOS and the list is growing.
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iphone password manager

The Best iPhone Password Manager Apps

In this review, we'll look at eight of the leading apps and help you decide which one is best for you.
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Password Manager Software Reviews

sticky password review

Sticky Password Review

If you are a Windows user, Sticky Password offers quite a number of features that’s more affordable.
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abine blur review

Abine Blur Review

You should be using a password manager. Should you choose Abine Blur? Possibly!
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1password review

1Password Review

If you're serious about password management and willing to pay for all the features, 1Password offers excellent value.
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keeper review

Keeper Password Manager Review

Is Keeper the best password manager for you? There is a lot to like. But be careful.
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lastpass review

LastPass Review

If you’re not already using a password manager, your first step might be to use a free one like LastPass.
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true key review

McAfee True Key Review

Today even non-technical users need a password manager. If that’s you, True Key may be worth considering.
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dashlane review

Dashlane Review

If you’re not already using a password manager, it’s time to start. Place Dashlane at the top of your short-list.
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roboform review

RoboForm Review

After reading this review I hope you’re ready to start using a password manager on all of your devices.
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Compare Password Manager Software

dashlane vs keeper

Dashlane vs. Keeper

For most people, I believe Dashlane is the better option but it’s not best for everyone.
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lastpass vs keeper

LastPass vs. Keeper

I think LastPass has the edge. Besides having a very good free plan, it’s better at storing personal documents.
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Dashlane vs LastPass

Dashlane vs. LastPass

Both Dashlane and LastPass are excellent applications, choosing between them is difficult.
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Bitwarden vs LastPass

Bitwarden vs. LastPass

While both apps are quite similar, LastPass certainly has the edge but Bitwarden is also a great app.
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1password vs dashlane

1Password vs. Dashlane

Choosing between the two services is difficult because in many ways they are very similar, but I give the edge to Dashlane.
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1Password vs LastPass

1Password vs. LastPass

Both 1Password and LastPass are excellent applications. If I had to make a choice, I think LastPass has the edge.
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lastpass vs. keepass

LastPass vs. KeePass

Unless you are a geek, I strongly recommend you choose LastPass over KeePass.
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Password Manager Tips & Guides

dashlane alternatives 7

9 Alternatives to the Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is the premium password manager, but it’s not your only choice.
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Is Google Password Manager Safe?

Is Google Password Manager Safe?

Here are a few ways Google Password Manager will help deal with all of your passwords.
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keepass alternative

9 Alternatives to KeePass Password Manager

KeePass is the most configurable, extensible, technical password manager that exists.
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lastpass alternative

9 Alternatives to the LastPass Password Manager

If LastPass is such a great password manager, why consider alternatives? Here are a few reasons a competitor might be a better fit.
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How to Save Passwords in Google Chrome When Not Asked

How to Save Passwords in Google Chrome When Not Asked

It might be that Chrome’s not asking to save passwords because that option has been disabled.
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Is iCloud Keychain Safe to Use as My Primary Password Manager?

Is iCloud Keychain Safe to Use as My Primary Password Manager?

Besides being locked into the Apple ecosystem, the service lacks features that have become expected in a password manager.
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are password managers safe

Are Password Managers Safe?

Are password managers safe? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”
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1password alternatives

9 Best Alternatives to 1Password

1Password has a comprehensive feature set and deserves your serious consideration, but it’s not your only option.
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