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Features: Videvo features everything you might expect from a stock footage provider, plus a few extras.
Pricing: With plans ranging from free to $24.99 per month, Videvo’s subscriptions are surprisingly affordable.
Ease of Use: Using Videvo is straightforward and easy – browse, click, and download.
Support: With a page packed with answers to common questions, a ChatBot, and a contact page, Videvo offers plenty of customer support.


Videvo is a stock footage site offering hundreds of thousands of stock videos, video editing templates, music, motion graphics, and sound effects. Customers can select from free and paid content, although the free content isn’t as good of quality and requires author credits.

The website has over 500,000 content items, so there’s plenty to choose from. Given its affordability, Videvo is an excellent option for beginners and those on a budget. However, Videvo might not work for professionals or individuals seeking a more extensive array of exceptionally high-quality content.

What I Like: Customers can choose from multiple plans and have access to thousands of high-quality stock footage, among other types of content.

What I Don’t Like: Videvo doesn’t offer a free trial or any on-demand options.


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Is Videvo free to use?

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Why Trust Me for This Review

Hi, I’m Jon, a writer and digital marketer. I’ve been creating digital content for nearly a decade, and I’m always looking for stock photography and videography to accompany it. 

As a content creator, I know just how painstaking and frustrating finding the right stock video can be. I’ve used countless services over the years. It goes without saying that a stock video relevant to your content probably exists already. But being able to find it online is a different story. 

If you want an excellent stock video platform to source the video clips you need for your projects, Videvo is a top option. It makes finding video clips for your content, website, social media, etc., simple and is available for a fair monthly or yearly subscription price.  

Detailed Review of Videvo

Videvo is a stock footage site that provides hundreds of thousands of stock videos, templates, music, motion graphics, and sound effect. It’s an affordable option, making it an ideal pick for beginners and those on a budget. 

Here are a few key features of the Videvo website, along with my personal take on each feature. 

Affordable Pricing

With plans starting at just $7.99 per month, Videvo is surprisingly affordable. The basic monthly plans are ideal for those on a budget who need fewer video downloads, but even Videvo’s more extensive plans are inexpensive. 

The Pro and Plus plans, which are available in annual subscriptions, are as cheap as $12 to $20 per month, making them a feasible option for varying budgets. These plans come with unlimited downloads, so they’re an excellent choice for folks requiring a high volume of downloadable content at a low price.

My personal take: Considering the impressive quality of Videvo’s premium videos, its pricing is pretty reasonable. At only $7.99 per month for paid plans and options for free content, it’s worth considering. 

Extensive Range of Content

Videvo has hundreds of thousands of content pieces, including stock videos, templates, music, motion graphics, and sound effects. At the time of writing, there are 1,437,848 items in Videvo’s content collection, so there’s something to meet almost any need. Plus there are plenty of categories to help you find the clip you need. 

Videos make up about the majority of the content, and plenty are free to use when you credit the author. 

My personal take: With 1,437,848 content items in its collection, Videvo has something to meet almost any need. Of course, there’s a chance that you might not find precisely what you’re looking for, but given the sheer volume of content, there will probably be something similar. 

Multiple Plans Available

Videvo’s subscription plans are available in three tiers: Lite, Plus, and Pro. All three plans offer premium video downloads, royalty-free licensing, money-back guarantees, and no adverts. The key difference comes from the number of downloads you get per month. 

With a Lite plan, you get five downloads per month. The Plus plan earns you 25 downloads, and the Pro plan gets you 50 downloads monthly. The flexible download options allow you to choose the option that best fits your needs. 

My personal take: When purchasing subscriptions like this, most folks have a specific purpose in mind, so needs vary from one scenario to the next. The tiered plan system is convenient, as it allows you to select the option that best fits your needs.

Unlimited Video Downloads

While Videvo outlines specific download parameters on its monthly plans, users requiring more monthly downloads can get its unlimited annual plans. The yearly option is available in the Plus and Pro plans and happens to be slightly cheaper than the month-to-month option for each plan. Note: Only the yearly billing option for the Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro plans have unlimited downloads. 

Also, the Plus package costs $12.99 per month in the annual plan instead of $14.99 per month in the monthly plan. On the other hand, the Pro plan costs $20.99 per month in the annual plan instead of $24.99 in the monthly plan.

My personal take: Videvo’s download flexibility is convenient, as it offers plans to meet almost any need. On top of that, it’s cheaper than paying for a monthly plan. So, while you’ll have to commit to an entire year, it can be worth it for customers who will use it consistently. 

Free Video Clips Available

While Videvo is available in varying paid subscriptions, a select amount of its offerings are available for free. It’s an excellent source of free stock video footage, so if you don’t have the budget for a subscription, this can be an excellent alternative. 

However, Videvo’s 66,123 free video clips are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. This means you’ll need to credit the author when you use it. Crediting is reasonably straightforward, and you can find all the information you’ll need to credit the author when you download the content. 

My personal take: Paid subscriptions aren’t a great fit for every scenario, so the option to access free content is convenient. Of course, video quality might not be as good as you might find in paid subscriptions, but it’s free!

Money-Back Guarantee

A short free trial is ideal when testing the compatibility of video providers like Videvo. However, a free trial isn’t an option, so a money-back guarantee is the next best thing. Videvo offers a 14-day money-back option to ensure you’re satisfied with your subscription.

Source: Videvo’s Terms and Conditions

So, if you sign up for a subscription and decide it won’t work for your needs, you can cancel the plan and get your money back. 

My personal take: Signing up for something like this can be somewhat of a risk, as you don’t know if it’ll have exactly what you’re looking for. While there aren’t any free trials available, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like what you see, you can get your money back. 

Reasons Behind My Ratings

Features: 4/5

Videvo offers everything you might expect from a stock footage provider. In addition to its impressive collection of stock videos, it also provides video editing templates, music, motion graphics, and sound effects. 

While there isn’t a free trial available to test the features before you commit, you can sign up for a free subscription or enlist the help of the money-back guarantee after signing up if you decide you don’t like it. 

Pricing: 4.8/5

With three plans available, plus a free option, Videvo has options to meet almost any budget. Its cheapest paid plans start at a mere $7.99 per month, and its pricier subscriptions cost around $25 per month (on a monthly basis). 

If you opt for an annual plan with unlimited downloads, you’ll save even more, with its priciest plan dropping from $24.99 to $20 per month. Given the affordability of its plans, Videvo is a solid option for beginners or those on a budget.

Ease of Use: 4/5

Using Videvo’s services is pretty straightforward. The design is easy to use – you simply browse for the content you want, click on it, and select download. You can even download a preview to ensure the content matches your needs. 

Once you click on the content, you’ll find vital pieces of information, including the duration, resolution, licensing, and usage. 

Support: 4.5/5

Videvo offers solid support to its customers, with a page full of answers to common questions, a ChatBot, and a contact page. When you click on the contact button at the bottom of Videvo’s website, you’ll find an array of popular help topics, including downloading, registration, and troubleshooting. 

If these help topics don’t answer your questions, use the ChatBot in the bottom right corner of the screen. Or, contact Videvo’s team by filling in the contact form on its website. 

Final Verdict

Videvo is a stock footage site providing its customers with hundreds of thousands of content items. It’s an affordable option, with paid plans starting at $7.99 monthly and capping out at $24.99 monthly. Alternatively, you could opt for the free subscription, which provides over 18,000 videos at your disposal, simply requiring you to credit the author. 

Given the sheer volume of content and affordability of its plans, Videvo is an excellent option for beginners and those with strict budgets. However, folks seeking more professional content or a wider range of content might not like Videvo’s offerings, so it might not work for everyone.

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