We live in a world where screens are everywhere and devices are in everyone’s hands. With the demand for video at an all-time high, there has truly never been a better time to become a video editor.

In this article, we are going to break down why now is the best time to become a video editor and how you can take advantage of the massive demand for video content in today’s marketplace.

Reason 1: No More Cost Barriers

Until recently video production and post-production had been a very expensive career with hardware and software costing tens of thousands of dollars. Avid systems required custom setups and Linux boxes and all of the footage was shot on tape or film requiring expensive decks and film transfer technology.

Digital video and the internet have completely democratized the process and industry. Video editing software such as DaVinci Resolve is available for free and formats such as film and video tape have given way to digital formats that can be transferred on hard drives and via the internet. 

Never has it been easier for someone who wants to enter the video editing industry to pick up a laptop, download the software for free, and hit the ground running.

Reason 2: Steep Learning Curves Are Gone

It used to be that the hardest part of video editing was learning how to use the software as well as the intricacies of digital media. Since video was so technical, you pretty much had to work your way up as an apprentice within the industry before you were able to ever touch an editing station and begin editing yourself. 

Now, however, the internet is full of professional tutorials on not just the technical aspects of video editing, but also the creative side of the art form. Sites such as YouTube have thousands if not millions of hours dedicated to the craft of video editing. 

Other sites such as Motion Array and Envato allow you to download tutorials or templates so that you can dissect and backward engineer existing project files and figure out how the professionals build their own projects.

Reason 3: There Is Work Aplenty

There was once a time when the only place to watch video was on television. And, unless you were producing high-end broadcast television you only could be producing commercials.

Now, however, you cannot turn around without seeing a screen with video on it. Between the thousands of television channels, streaming networks, social video ads, and influencer videos the industry is rife with opportunities for those looking for work. 

If you are a video editor looking for work there are opportunities with advertising agencies, brands, social media networks, and freelance sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and more.

Reason 4: Video Editors Can Work From Anywhere

Brands, businesses, and organizations have a need for video content to sell their products and services. As such video editors are in high demand. The great news is that video editors do not need to be located with their clients in order to create content.

Thanks to high-speed internet and digital video formats, most editors can work on their projects off-site and deliver their projects remotely without ever having actually met their clients face-to-face. This allows for an incredible amount of freedom, both in lifestyle as well as creativity.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technological advances, shifts in the marketplace, and the abundance of video content opportunities, the time to enter the video editing industry has never been better.

Not only is video editing an incredibly exciting industry as you get the chance to experience cutting-edge technology and keep pace with popular culture, but you can also be a part of telling stories on a daily basis.