Anime/manga art is becoming an increasingly popular form of digital artwork that focuses on comic book-style storytelling and animated cartoon-style movies. This style of digital drawing originated in Japan and has gained widespread popularity across the entire globe.

With more and more resources becoming available to artists online, it is now easier than ever to learn how to create manga or anime-style drawings using your Procreate app and a stylus

I’m Carolyn and I’ve been using Procreate for over three years to run my digital illustration business. When I first started drawing anime, I knew I needed to expand my brush library to achieve the right style.

In this article, I’m going to show you some of my favorite brushes to use for creating manga and anime-style artwork and how to get them.

Best Free Manga/Anime Brushes for Procreate

There are some awesome brushes online that artists have made available for no cost at all. Here are my top 8 free brushes for drawing manga/anime artwork:

1. Procreate Mochi Brush by Marshmal Mochi

This is one of my favorite Manga brushes as it is ultra smooth and creates beautiful and smooth lines. It’s ideal for all of your lineart drawings and is totally free to download.


This brush is free for personal and commercial use.

2. Free Webtoon Frame Procreate Brush by JRRH

The free version of this set offers 5 different stamp brushes to use as frames for your comic book, character design, or Manga drawings. This is a really cool and unique tool to have for your animations.


These brushes are free for personal use.

3. Free Anime Brushset by Attki

This is another great starter pack for all anime artists. It has the Line 1 brush which is perfect for the lineart sketching of your character and then 7 more brushes to add the final touches to your drawing.


These brushes are free for personal use.

4. Simple Manga Motion (speed) Lines Brush by Oscar Campo

This is such an awesome tool for adding lines and effects to your next Manga drawing or comic book strip. This set offers three different thickness brushes for you to use.


These brushes are free for personal and commercial use.

5. Free Line Art Brush by Yoru

This light and wispy style brush is perfect for quick and fluid sketches that offer an anime-style finish.


This brush is free for personal use.

6. Manga Screentones by Brushes For Procreate

This brush set has everything you need for filling in and shading your characters and backgrounds in manga and anime artwork. It provides you with the manga style texture and comes with 8 different texture brushes to choose from.


These brushes are free for personal use.

7. Free Manga/ComicBook Brushes For Procreate by Disyukov

The free version of this brush set comes with 23 different brushes for all you need to draw a manga style drawing. It comes with brushes to outline the character, adding texture, and even some motion line brushes for creating comic book style backgrounds.


These brushes are free for personal use.

8. Free Manga Ink Brush: G Pen for Procreate by GeorgBrush

I love this brush because it creates an effortless manga style stroke with varying thicknesses from your own stylus’ pressure. This is the perfect brush for sketching or drawing lineart.


This brush is free for personal and commercial use.

Best Manga/Anime Brushes for Procreate (Premium Paid Option)

If you’re willing to invest a small amount into the cost of a new brush set, there are hundreds of incredible brushes and tools available online that are great value for money. Here are my top 10 favorite paid brushes for drawing manga/anime artwork in Procreate:

1. Ultimate Manga Bundle Procreate by Meisanmui

These brushes offer a complete selection of outline and texture brushes for an unrefined and somewhat messy style of manga drawing. This set is $20 USD for personal use and $32 USD for commercial use.


2. Manga Creator Kit For Procreate by Marshmal Mochi 

For just $15 USD, this sophisticated 25-brush set offers very unique and detailed brushes. It comes with speech bubbles, halftone patterns, and a sharp pencil so you have every brush you need for an entire comic book sketch.


3. Manga Sketch Procreate Brush by Meisanmui

This 14-brush set comes with every brush you need for a light and wispy drawing style with multiple cloudy blending brushes to choose from. This set is $14 USD for personal use and $17 USD for commercial use. 


4. 30+ Manga Ink & Paint Brushes by GeorgBrush

This huge brush set comes with over 30 brushes for comic book style manga drawings. Along with the epic G Pen, it also offers some awesome color palettes as a bonus. This set is available for $9 USD for personal use and $14 for commercial use.


5. Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime by Delightful Design

This set comes with 12 manga brushes and 4 color palettes to choose from and is a great set for beginners. This set costs $19 USD for personal and commercial use.


6. 15 Anime & Manga Procreate Brushes by ProcreateiBox

Despite the misleading title, this set actually comes with over 100 different anime brushes for any style or feature you will ever want. It does have a higher price point but it’s totally worth the cost for what you get. This set is $19 for personal use or $25 for commercial use.


7. Anime Beginner Procreate Brush Set Simple Version by Nukababe

For just $11 USD, you get full access to this awesome beginner’s set that offers you easy tools to get you started on figure drawing in anime style.


8. Manga Doodle Stamp Cartoon Comic Art by ArtPrintBabe

This huge set offers 177 stamp brushes for adding all kinds of cute and tiny details to your anime or manga artwork quickly. This set costs $10 USD for personal use or $18 USD for commercial use.


9. Procreate Facial Expressions

This set is awesome for getting started with anime as it offers pre-drawn facial expressions that you can use to practice or work off of as a base in your drawings. This set costs $12 USD for personal use and $15 USD for commercial use.


10. The Anime Studio Bundle Vol. 2 by Studio Valhalla

These brushes come with a huge selection of figure stamps for drawing the body and the face for anime-style characters. This is awesome if you’re just starting or you are short on time. This set costs $15 USD for personal use and $17 USD for commercial use.



Below is a selection of your frequently asked questions about the best manga and anime brushes for Procreate. I have briefly answered them for you:

What brush to use when drawing anime in Procreate?

The Peppermint brush in the Sketching brush palette on Procreate is a popular choice for drawing anime in Procreate because of its unique texture and tapered edges.

What should you not do when drawing anime?

When drawing anime, you should always avoid uneven or not smooth lines. Your lines should be smooth and never too thick.

What brush is used for anime lineart?

My favorite brush to use for anime lineart is the Procreate Mochi Brush by Marshmal Mochi. This offers ultra-smooth lines and strokes that make it perfect for lineart.


Anime and Manga are two drawing styles that are exploding in popularity by the day and they’re both two very enjoyable drawing styles to work with. Once you find your own style and the brushes that work best for you, you will be able to produce some really cool artwork.

Try a few of these brushes listed above until you find the brush that works best for you. You may want to consider finding a line brush for sketching the outline of your characters or shapes and then decide on a brush that suits your color application process.

What is your brush of choice when working on anime/manga drawings? Share your answers in the comments section below.