The answer is, sometimes, and only when you have Procreate experience. The drawing app comes with over 200 default brushes. These brushes are excellent and worth trying. 

Even though I’ve already bought many Procreate brushes myself, I can say that the ones I’ve used most often were the ones I found free online and Procreate’s default brushes. Therefore, I believe anyone can find a default brush to fit their style.

Still, many of the brushes for sale are beautiful and of fantastic quality. While I wouldn’t recommend throwing your money at any brush set before you know what you want, if you’ve experimented with brushes and you find a paid set you love – it’s probably worth trying!

So do you really have to pay for brushes? Let’s take a closer look at whether or not buying Procreate brushes is worth it for you. 

Do You Need to Buy Procreate Brushes

There is an abundance of brushes available in Procreate. I recommend beginners start from there. Find what tools you prefer, and discover what features you like in a brush. 

Digital brushes have progressed massively in just the last few years and Procreate’s default brushes are quality.

Procreate also has a very user-friendly and accessible brush setting window. It allows you to make customizations with an almost-overwhelming number of settings.

And besides all of this, it’s possible, even educational, to make a great piece with just a basic round brush. Some artists recommend this for those who are just starting.

So, those pricier brush sets are by no means necessary.

If you’ve tried the defaults and want to branch out, your first option should be the plethora of free handmade brushes that digital artists share online. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that paid options are not worth it. 

Here’s one huge advantage of paid brushes – they can be more unique because most of the people are using the free ones, and if you’re using one of those fancy paid options, you stand out 😉

The good news is that most brushes are not very expensive, typically around $15 for a small set. This is one of the great advantages of digital art. Compared to traditional, physical media, you can find expert quality tools for affordable prices. 

Added to the amount you might spend on paint and canvases – this is a good deal. From this perspective, buying Procreate brushes is worth it.

Procreate brushes are worth paying for when they cost as much as you’re willing to spend on an artistic experiment. Plus, it can somehow make your artwork stand out. 

Now, if you don’t think buying Procreate brushes is necessary, here are some tips to get some free brushes. 

Where to Find Free Procreate Brushes

The Procreate community forums are an excellent resource for handmade brushes. You can find hundreds more that artists have generously shared for free. Many are professional quality, just as good as the paid brushes, and suitable for all kinds of styles. 

I often use the pay-what-you-want brushes by illustrator Kyle T Webster. He’s well known as the designer of the exclusive Adobe brushes, but he also shares some of his work for free online. Like many designers, he shares his brushes on Gumroad – a great resource for brushes.

There are other sites where you can find both free and paid brushes such as Your Great Design, Paperlike, and Speckyboy


Once you’ve tried the default brushes and looked around at free resources, you may find the paid brush packs to be worthwhile to experiment with – at least to learn if it’s worth it for you. 

They may end up being your go-to’s. Just remember there’s an equal chance they’ll get forgotten at the back of the brush library.

Have you ever purchased Procreate brushes? Do you think they are worth it? Feel free to share your opinion in a comment and let me know if this article was helpful to you.