The highlighted comment feature is a subtle feature that highlights YouTube’s commitment to improving its users’ experiences. It ensures that amidst the vibrant and bustling conversations on the platform, important interactions don’t get lost in the shuffle.

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Let’s dive into what highlighted comments are, what they signify, and what they bring to the table for creators and viewers alike. 

Key Takeaways

  • Highlighted comments distinguish some comments from others.
  • There’s now ay to highlight your comments for others and YouTube highlights comments seemingly at random. 
  • For the creator, these highlighted comments help drive interaction with their user base. 
  • For users, highlighted comments help drive conversation and pull attention to specific comments. 
  • Highlighted comments ostensibly bring ease of navigation to the YouTube platform, enhancing everyone’s experience with it. 

A Beacon in A Sea of Comments

Content creators can get a lot of comments. It’s difficult for any one comment to stand out, and typically comments are lost in a sea of other comments. 

If you’ve spent considerable time on YouTube, you’ve probably encountered a comment with a slightly different background color, distinguishing it from the rest. That’s a highlighted comment. It may even be tagged as a highlighted comment. 

How You Can Make It Happen

You can’t. At least not directly. There’s no way for you to highlight a comment. It’s unclear whether you can take action to ensure your comments are highlighted. 

YouTube automatically highlights comments for creators. Some claim that if you subscribe to a lot of content that is of the genre the creator favors on whose video you’re commenting, then you may have a higher chance of leaving a highlighted comment. 

It makes sense that you can’t highlight comments, even though that may be frustrating. Imagine if everyone could highlight comments. All those highlighted comments would be lost in a sea of other highlighted comments and none would stand out. 

What Highlighted Content Does for Creators

For video creators, notification-prompted highlighting helps them engage with their community. When a creator accesses the comment section via a notification—say, a viewer replies to the creator’s comment or a comment they’ve pinned—YouTube can automatically highlight relevant comments. It streamlines the creator’s experience, especially when videos attract thousands of reactions.

Highlighted comments can also ensure the creator doesn’t miss out on crucial feedback or specific interactions, making content creators’ lives a bit easier amidst their bustling comment sections.

Once content creators interact with the highlighted comment, it returns to being an average, non-highlighted comment. So it helps some content stand out for creators that might help them curate further content. 

For the Avid Viewer

If you’ve ever clicked on a direct link to a YouTube comment, perhaps from an external website or a shared link, you’re taking advantage of Shared Comment Links. Where there is a shared comment link, YouTube ensures you’re not lost by highlighting the exact comment to which you were directed.

It’s also critical to note that a highlighted comment doesn’t equate to elevated importance or more likes. It’s merely a visual tool for better navigation and interaction. As highlighted above (no pun intended), once the highlighted comment is clicked on, it returns to its non-highlighted state.

Why Highlight at All

Ease of Navigation. YouTube is concerned with enhancing its users’ experiences. With videos that might have thousands or even millions of comments, pinpointing one can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The highlight feature acts as a beacon, guiding content creators and users straight to the comment in question.

In doing so, highlighted comments promote interaction. By directing both creators and viewers to specific comments, YouTube fosters interaction. It’s a nudge, emphasizing that this particular comment might be of interest.


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions related to highlighted YouTube comments. 

Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube Good or Bad?

Neither. It’s simply a comment that YouTube wants to flag for the creator and/or audience. It can be any comment in the comment section of a YouTube video and those comments can be positive, neutral, or negative. 

Who Can See Highlighted Comments on YouTube?

The person viewing the content, namely you! YouTube highlights different comments for different people. Each recipient’s highlighted comments are unique to them. 

Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube From the Creator?

A highlighted comment can be from the content creator whose video you’re reading the comment on, but the creator can’t highlight the comment themselves. YouTube manages highlighting. 


YouTube is the world’s premier video-sharing platform, boasting over two billion unique visitors every year. It has become an interactive hub where creators and viewers engage in meaningful dialogue in addition to sharing content. These conversations usually take place in the comment section of videos. People often question what a highlighted comment is and why they should care.

Whether you’re a content creator or a regular viewer, it’s features like these that make the YouTube experience more seamless and interactive.

Have you seen the highlighted comments? Were they helpful in sparking your interaction with the content?