Many users love our Facebook Photo Downloader plugin for Chrome browser because it’s free and it’s fairly fast to download a lot of Facebook pictures without you manually saving them one by one. 

That said, we also received fairly negative feedback from our users saying that they don’t know how to use this tool. Sometimes, there are “weird” errors showing up leaving them no clue what to do next.

This post serves as a troubleshooting guide on how to fix or handle these problems or confusions. Let’s get started.

Issue 1: No photos detected on this page. Please navigate to the correct Facebook Photos Page to continue.

How to Fix It?

Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook “Photos” page (or your friend’s “Photos” page), like this example. 

Step 2: Click our plugin icon again and you’ll see this on the interface, click on the blue button to continue and you’ll be able to start downloading your photos.

Why This Error Can Happen?

Our plugin is designed to detect and download photos from the “Photos” page only, more specifically, the “Photos of You” and “Your Photos” tabs. If you are on another page, our tool won’t be able to detect relevant photos thus unable to work.

Issue 2: Got Stuck and Number of Images Downloaded Showing 0

We are aware of this bug, but somehow we can’t replicate the issue so we’re still looking into it. The best fix we have so far is to refresh your Facebook page and try using our plugin again.