If you are looking for insightful and educational iOS development blogs, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our 100 favorite, active blogs about iOS dev. While there’s no shortage of high-quality iOS blogs on the web, we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and share the absolute cream of the crop.

Whether you’re an experienced iOS developer looking to connect with other peers, or a student eager to improve your mobile app development skills, these blogs give you the tools, insights, and techniques you need to get the most out of your coding journey.

Note: this list was first curated two years ago. We’ve been updating this post to make it fresh. Now the number of blogs listed here may not be exactly one hundred.

Table of Contents

Apple Swift Blog

Apple Swift logo

This is the must-read blog for all iOS developers. You’ll get official news and tips on the Swift programming language from the engineers who created it. The only con for this Apple blog is that there haven’t been too many updates yet. Hopefully it’ll get updated more often in the near future.

Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich

Whether you are a beginner or experienced developer, you’ll love Ray’s articles, tutorials, even podcasts. Simply put, you’ll find virtually everything you could want from a fellow iPhone programmer. Update: now the site is more like a community that connects awesome developers who share their knowledge unselfishly. Follow Ray @rwenderlich on Twitter.

iOS Dev Weekly

Dave Verwer - iOS Dev Weekly

If it’s Friday, you’d better check out this blog. Why? Because Dave has probably published an insanely awesome update about iOS development. To make sure you are the first one to read that, I’d suggest you enter your email and subscribe his newsletter. It’s free. Follow @DaveVerwer on Twitter.

Erica Sadun’s Blog

Erica Sadun

Every other day, Erica updates her blog, sharing her thoughts on a variety of topics including iOS, apps, Xcode, hardware, software, and FUN! Erica is also the author of a book called “The Swift Developer’s Cookbook”. Follow @EricaSadun on Twitter.


Updated weekly by Matt Thompson (now Nate Cook), NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Swift, Objective-C, and Cocoa. It’s a great read for learning best practices when using Apple’s APIs, as understanding Apple’s frameworks. The blog also publishes reviews of publications that can also be of interest. Follow @NSHipster on Twitter.

Realm News


In the Realm News Apple section, you’ll find a lot of news related to iOS, plus many interesting videos from various conferences. Realm is a mobile database framework, a replacement for SQLite and Core Data. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and incubated by the famous YCombinator. Follow @Realm on Twitter.

Cocoanetics Blog

Drobnik Oliver Cocoanetics

Oliver Drobnik describes Cocoanetics this way: “Our DNA is written in Objective-C!”. You’ll find many useful, yet detailed code examples, and learn a great deal of stuff related to Objective-C. Oliver also developed some great apps like Urban Airship Commander, GeoCorder, iWomen, etc which are available on App Store. Follow @Cocoanetics on Twitter.

Release Notes

Release Notes is a podcast about the business of Mac & iOS indie software development. Here you can find inspiration, design, trends, & tools — everything but the code. The show is hosted by Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski. They cover topics for the new or curious independent developer looking to make his/her way in the iOS and Mac ecosystem. Follow @Release_Notes on Twitter.


app coda

AppCoda is an active community that’s worth joining or reading up on. It has a lot of tutorials and helpful information regarding iPhone, iPad, and iOS programming, Swift, Objective-C, and building iOS apps. Follow @AppCodaMobile on Twitter.

Mike Ash’s Blog

Mike Ash

What impresses me about Mike’s story is this: He’s a programmer by night, and a glider pilot by day. Yes, he loves the sky! In this blog, he generously shares a lot about Mac and iOS development tips and tricks. I highly recommend you check out the Friday Q&A series which are great. Follow Mike on Twitter or GitHub.

Cocoa with Love


Cocoawithlove was created by Matt Gallagher, an independent software developer and consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s been a Cocoa developer since 2005 and blogged since 2008. Tip: navigate to the “Archive” section to browse more insightful posts. Follow @CocoaWithLove on Twitter.

Natasha The Robot


This is where Natacha shares her learning adventures about iOS development. Based in San Francisco, she is addicted to learning, and is currently conquering Swift and WatchOS. She is also an open source contributor and a speaker. You may have listened to her keynote somewhere.
Follow @NatashaTheRobot on Twitter.


furbo.org Craig Hockenberry

Furbo.org is where Craig Hockenberry writes for the web. He makes apps and runs websites. He first became involved with technology in 1976, and has been blogging about it for nearly a decade. You’ll find tons of development insights about iOS, XCode, Mac, website development, design, etc. Follow @CHockenberry on Twitter.

TutsPlus Code Blog

Tuts Plus Blog

Here, it’s about pure code! From mobile development, iOS SDK, to web development, this blog covers a wide range of topics about coding. By the way, Tuts+ is also marketplace of online courses that teach creative and technical skills.

Ole Begemann’s Blog

Ole Begemann

Ole is an iOS and Mac developer from Berlin. He’s written about software development on Apple platforms since 2009. Though he publishes only a few articles a year, all of them are worthwhile reading. You can subscribe to get notified once he updates a new one. P.S. I really like the style of his blog: simple, clean, and enjoyable. Follow Ole on Twitter or GitHub.



This site is a must-go-to resource for every respectable iOS developer. It contains comprehensive Objective-C / Swift tutorials, resources, and holds regular competitions. While blog topics are alike, authors and perspectives are numerous and diverse. Follow @iOS_blog on Twitter.

Sam Soffes’s Blog

Sam is a Swift and Ruby engineer. He currently lives in San Francisco and works on the iOS team at Lyft. When the iPhone SDK first came out in 2008, Sam wrote an app called Bible that launched on day one of the App Store. On his blog, you’ll find lots of insightful thoughts about life and work. Follow @Soffes on Twitter.

Codementor Learn


Codementor’s Learning Center is an all-in-one place to learn coding for free. Whether you are new to iOS development, or just trying to become a better developer in general, you’ll find tutorials, guides, videos, and tips from experienced experts like Ray Wenderlich. You’ll also love the startup-related topics, if that’s you’re thing. Follow @CodementorIO on Twitter.

DevGirl’s Weblog

DevGirl Holly Schinsky

You find a lot of valuable web, mobile application development insights shared by Holly Schinsky, a developer advocate for PhoneGap at Adobe. The topics are heavily related to PhoneGap/Cordova, so if you are a developer with interests in that area, bookmark her blog. Most invaluable is her mindset on developing and testing apps. Follow @devgirlFL on Twitter.

objc.io Blog


Co-founded by @ChrisEidhof, @FlorianKugler & @DanielboEdewadt in 2013, objc.io is a platform covering in-depth technical topics related to iOS and OS X development. You’ll find awesome best practices and advanced techniques shared by many iOS and OS X developers. Get updates from @objcio on Twitter.

Big Nerd Ranch Blog


BNR was founded by @AaronHillegass. He writes books on Cocoa, iOS, and Objective-C. Hillegass designsbuilds innovative applications, and teaches developers to do the same through his books and immersive training. The blog is packed with useful code walkthroughs. Follow @BigNerdRanch on Twitter.

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

CIMGF was created by Marcus Zarra (Core Data Guru), the author of Core Data: Apple’s API for Persisting Data under Mac OS X. In this blog, you’ll find tremendously practical posts about programming on iOS and OS X. P.S. read the about page, you’ll be amazed by how Marcus came up with the awesome name idea. Follow @MZarra on Twitter.

iPhone in Canada


If you are located in Canada, follow this site. Founded by Gary Ng in 2007, iPhoneinCanada has evolved along with the iPhone, and now is Canada’s iPhone news authority. In terms of topics, they cover iOS news, Mac, rumours, app reviews, tips, and anything iPhone-related. Follow @iPhoneinCanada and @Gary_Ng on Twitter.

Raizlabs Developer Blog


This blog is also known as RaizException. It is the developer blog for Raizlabs, an Inc5000 leading company dedicated to improving the world through building world-class mobile & web apps. Covered topics: iOS, Android, Mac, and more. By the way, they are hiring (iOS developers in San Francisco and Boston). Follow @Raizlabs on Twitter.

TapTapTap Blog


You may not know TapTapTap, but I am sure you’ve used or heard about Camera+, an awesome picture-taking app that went viral on the App Store and has been featured everywhere related to mobile. Here, the TapTapTap team shares a lot of stuff — including the data about their App Store marketing efforts. Follow @taptaptap on Twitter.

Mobile Web Weekly

A weekly round-up for web and app developers spanning the mobile-facing Web and native apps, created by Brian Rinaldi and Holly Schinsky. You’ll love the nagivation experience of the content.Follow @RemoteSynth on Twitter.

Ivo Mynttinen’s Blog

Ivo Mynttinen

Ivo is both a designer and a developer. He truly understands that the perfect UI should look more than good…it should look great. Through his work with many clients, he’s gained invaluable hands-on experience on UI/UX. In his blog, he shares his thoughts on code, design, freelancing, and life in general. Additionally, you’ll find a useful iOS design cheat sheet. Follow @IvoMynttinen on Twitter.

iOS Developer Tips

iOS developer tips

iOSDeveloperTips acts as a perfect hub that delivers high-quality tutorials, code examples, tips and tricks gathered from other web resources. In short, you’ll learn iOS development from the experts.
P.S. the team also creates Swift Code & Tools (inactive any more), a weekly newsletter focused on Swift code & tools — another great iOS resource as well.

Notre Dame Blogs


If you are a college student, you’ll find this blog useful. The Notre Dame faculty and staff regularly share their insightful knowledge with the world; intensely valuable for any aspiring coder.

Matt Gemmell’s Blog

Matt Gemmell

Matt was a software engineer. He now contributes to magazines like MacWorld, WSJ, etc., and is currently writing a novel. Technology and software development is his hobby. He’s blogged over half a million words about it since 2002. The blog is not all about tech stuff — you’ll more likely to find great articles with a one-word headline. That’s his style. I like it.

Want to know what Matt is up to? Follow @mattgemmell on Twitter.

Echo.co Blog

Echo & Co.

Echo & Co. is a digital agency offering a variety of design and development services for clients. On their company blog, the team publishes a few nice posts every month, covering topics like mobile, tech, and strategy. Follow @EchoandCompany on Twitter.

ManiacDev by Johann Döwa

Johann Dowa

Here you’ll enjoy excellent tutorials, libraries, and tools related to iOS development. Johann started this blog when he was doing contract iOS dev projects. Later on. he began posting great tutorials from other sources as well. Note: if you have great tips, contact Johann to see if you can share with his audiences. Follow Johann on Twitter and Google+.



The site was created by Scott Stevenson, the author of a book called “Cocoa and Objective-C”: Up and Running. In his posts, you’ll learn both iOS and Mac dev/design tips.

Dartmouth DigitalStrategies

digitalstrategies tuck dartmouth

If you are a college student who wants to learn coding, check out this academic blog, curated by the faculty and student in Dartmouth Tuck School of Business. It covers a wide range of mobile tech subject matter.

ProtoShare blog


If you are also interested in designing a prototype (wireframe) of an iOS app, then you’ll probably love using the ProtoShare product, and/or reading their blog articles. On the blog, the ProtoShare team shares guides to visualizing apps, e.g. using the right color schemes. Follow @ProtoShare on Twitter.

TCEA TechNotes Blog


This blog serves as a general technology resource covering basic iOS tips and tricks. TCEA strives to innovate K-16 learning and teaching with technology through professional development. Follow @TCEA on Twitter.

Gotta Be Mobile (iPhone)


GottaBe Mobile is a Silicon Valley-based news and reviews website that covers constantly changing mobile technology. A big portion of their content relates to iPhone & iOS.

Carbon Five Blog


Here you’ll find notes on designing, developing, and delivering great products including iOS mobile apps. Carbon Five is a company offers software development services from an agile team, with several offices in California. P.S. the team is also the creator of stickies.io. Follow @CarbonFive on Twitter.

Games from Within

noel llopis

If you are into game development, you’re in luck. Noel, author of the book “C++ For Game Programmers (Charles River Media Game Development)”. He regularly writes about game development in this blog. He is an indie game designer/programmer who believes that games should encourage creativity and sharing. Follow @Noel_Llopis on Twitter.

Lucky Frame Dev Blog

lucky frame

Founded by Yann Seznec in 2008, Lucky Frame is a creative studio in the UK that makes software, games, and interfaces that find new ways to interact with audiences. In its Tumblr blog, you’ll learn a lot of elegant interface design examples. Great if you’re looking for inspiration! Follow @Lucky_Frame on Twitter.

Trifork Blog

logo trifork

Trifork is a service supplier of custom-built applications. In their blog, the team covers iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HTML5, and more.

Cocoa Controls

cocoa controls

Created by Aaron Brethorst in 2011, Cocoa Controls is a custom UI component database for iOS and Mac OS X. With tons of top-notch UI examples, you can count on Cocoa Controls to improve the quality of your Cocoa application with the least work possible. Follow @CocoaControls & @AaronBrethorst on Twitter.

Bluecloud Solutions Blog

Carter Thomas

This blog was created by Carter Thomas, a mobile app enthusiast and “good vibration” specialist. He posts valuable articles about how to make and market an app. It’s a nice resource for iOS devs who want to learn everything about the business. Follow @CarterThomas on Twitter.

Metova Blog


Metova is a professional services company focused on mobile applications since 2006. In the blog, you’llnlearn not only iOS development tips but design, strategy and featured apps. Follow @metova on Twitter.

iPhone Savior Blog

Ray Basile

Ray Basile has authored iPhone Savior Blog since June of 2007, consistently cranking out unique iPhone news stories and building and audience of over seven million. He also writes a personal blog about life, creativity, and personal growth. Follow @MrBesilly on Twitter.

Internet Storm Center Diary


ISC a program of the SANS Institute which monitors the level of malicious activity on the Internet. Many expert-level volunteers post a daily diary of their analysis and thoughts. iOS and Mac OS X topics are covered. Follow @sans_isc on Twitter.

Atomic Bird House

Tom Harrington

Another great iOS and Mac development blog authored by Tom Harrington. He writes anything about iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Atomic Bird is a consultancy operated by Tom since 2002. Since then, Atomic Bird has delivered many award-winning projects in both the mobile and desktop markets. Follow @atomicbird on Twitter.

Learn Cocos2D Blog

Steffen Itterheim

Created by Steffen Itterheim (user and tutor of Apple Frameworks) in 2009, this blog is more like a documentation specifically for Cocos2D. Steffen started the site because as Cocos2D grew more popular, he realized the basic issues of getting started with Cocos2D essentially stayed the same. Follow @GamingHorror on Twitter.

NSScreencast Episodes

Ben Scheirman_iOS

If you are looking to develop mobile apps for iPhone & iPad using Swift, Objective-C and Xcode, then you’ve come to the right place! Unlike other blogs, NSScreencast features bite-sized videos on iOS development. The site is created by Ben Scheirman, an experienced iOS & Rails developer from Houston, TX. Follow @subdigital on Twitter.

Mugunth Kumar’s Blog

Mugunth Kumar

This is Mugunth Kumar’s personal blog. He is an absolute iOS guy (developer, trainer and co-author of a book called “iOS Programming: Pushing the Limits”). He’s also made extensive contributions to the iOS open source community and MKStoreKit, MKNetworkKi, etc.

Follow @MugunthKumar on Twitter.

InvasiveCode Blog

invasive code

As a digital agency in San Francisco, InvasiveCode focuses on creating advanced mobile solutions through iOS consulting and training. Its blog has been updated with extensive coverage of Apple’s Frameworks and developer tools that you’ll find helpful.
Follow @InvasiveCode on Twitter.

Nick Dalton’s iPhone Blog

Nick Dalton

This is another great resource dedicated to iPhone SDK Development. The blog went live on March 6, 2008 — the same day the official Apple iPhone SDK was launched. Nick is an app developer, entrepreneur, mentor, and coach based on Evergreen, Colorado. Follow @TheAppCoach on Twitter.

AppDesignVault Blog


As the name implies, it’s an app design blog. App Design Vault provides iPhone app designs for mobile developers to make their apps look stellar. The team writes awesome articles about app User Interface and specific design examples.

Subfurther Blog

Chris Adamson

Also know as “[Time code];” a dev blog with a digital media take. Created by Chris Adamson in 2007, the blog has been updated regularly for more than 8 years. Chris is a software engineer, writer and speaker specializing in media software development for iOS and OS X. Follow @invalidname on Twitter.

Stuart Hall’s Blog

Stuart Hall

Stuart writes about the App Store, mobile development, and everything in that world. He is currently writing an eBook called “Secrets of the App Store”. Be sure to check out his blog or subscribe to his newsletter — that way you won’t miss his free book when it’s released. Follow @StuartkHall on Twitter.

Peter Steinberger’s Blog

Peter Steinberger

In Peter’s blog, you’ll find a lot of specific code examples related to iOS, and PSPDFKit (a drop-in-ready framework rated as the most advanced PDF framework for iOS and Android). Peter loves pushing the limits of Cocoa and making iOS apps. He lives in Vienna, Austria. Follow @steipete on Twitter.

iPhone Dev 101

iPhone Dev 101

Another goldmine for iPhone developers! iDev101 is an all-in-one place for learning iPhone programming. It covers topics like Objective-C, User Interface, Distribution, and Marketing. Also, you can access useful resources like buttons and icons, open source libraries, etc. Follow @idev101 on Twitter.

Think & Build

yari dareglia

A nerdy blog for nerdy people! Here you’ll find tutorials and tips about iOS, OS X, PHP and more. Yari D’areglia is an OS X, iOS, and web developer working as a senior developer at Neato Robotics in California. Follow @bitwaker on Twitter.

Dynamic Leap Blog

Dynamic Leap

This blog is all about mobile apps (iOS & Android). From app development tips to app marketing and engagement tricks, you’ll learn a ton. Dynamic Leap Technology is a mobile app development shop based on Vancouver, Canada. Follow @DynamicLeap on Twitter.

iDev Recipes

iDev Recipes

If you sometimes just look at an app and wonder, “How they do that?” you’ll find this blog helpful. It explores and re-creates interesting features and user interfaces on iPhone and iPad apps. iDevRecipes was created by Peter Boctor. Follow @iDevRecipes & @boctor on Twitter.

How To Make An iPhone App

An excellent resource for beginner developers! It’s probably the best written iPhone-specific blog out there, though it doen’t go into a lot of the more advanced topics. But is updated frequently, and the content is code-friendly and easy to follow.

Stav Ashuri’s Blog

Stav Ashuri

Also called “The Finishing Touch”, this blog was started by Stav Ashuri, a software engineer at Facebook. You’ll find many iOS and UX development thoughts, with great code examples, shared by Stav. Following @Stav_Ashuri on Twitter.

Stable Kernel Blog

stable kernel

Stable Kernel is a service agency located in Atlanta, GA. They build mobile apps for startups to Fortune 500s and in between. In their blog, you’ll find iOS development/design tips, app marketing strategies, project management help, and much more. Follow @StableKernel on Twitter.

iOS Goodies

iOS Goodies is a weekly iOS newsletter curated by Rui Peres and Tiago Almeida. It’s another informative hub that collects high-quality posts published on the Internet with topics related to iOS, Xcode, business trends, advice, and more. Follow @Peres and @_TiagoAlmeida on Twitter.

MobileViews Blog

Todd Mobileviews

Founded by Todd Ogasawara, MobileViews is a blog about mobile technology: phones, portable gaming, GPS, etc. Todd was one of the first five Microsoft MVPs in the Mobile Devices category. He also founded and managed the Microsoft Network (MSN) Computer Telephony & Windows CE Forums from 1995 to 2001. Follow @ToddOgasawara on Twitter.

d-Studio Blog


d_Studio develops software for Mac and iOS devices, and they share the similar stuff on their blog. Follow @dStudioSoft on Twitter.

iWearShorts Blog


This blog was created and updated by Mike Newell, a creative developer based on San Francisco. He shares what he’s learned on his journey as a developer. Topics include life, hard lessons, and betterment through code. Follow @newshorts on Twitter.



Another great blog about pure iOS stuff (XCode, iPhone & iPad dev, app testing, etc.)! Created by Doug Sjoquist, who considers himself a software craftsman. Having many years’ experience in iOS dev, Doug shares invaluable insights related to app development. Follow @dwsjoquist on Twitter.

Mike Dellanoce’s Blog

Michael Dellanoce

The blog was started by Mike in 2009. Since then, he’s posted a number of awesome articles about iOS, App Store, PhoneGap, data-driven testing, and things related to tech.

Mike is now working as a software engineer at Pendo.io.

Follow Mike on Twitter or Google+.

Push Interactions Blog

Push Interactions

This blog is actively updated and covers topics including Apple WWDC, Google I/O, and iOS. Based on Canada, Push Interactions provides custom mobile app development services for various organizations. Follow @PushInteraction on Twitter.

Andrew Ford’s Blog

andrew ford

In this blog, you’ll enjoy reading short stories about designing and building apps written by Andrew Ford. Andrew is a software & web developer living in sunny Tauranga, New Zealand. He also loves photography. Follow @AndrewJamesFord on Twitter.

iOS Dev Nuggets


Created by Hwee-Boon Yar, this blog serves us a short iOS app development nugget every Friday or Saturday. Hwee makes it digestible, so you can read in a few minutes and improve your iOS dev skills quickly. Hwee is based in Singapore. Follow @iosDevNuggets & @hboon on Twitter.

Idea Lab Blog

MediaShift Idea Lab

Idea Lab is a group blog by innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs who are reinventing media in the digital age. Here, you’ll read insightful articles related to innovation, mobile, business, technology, best practices, and more. Follow @MSIdeaLab on Twitter.

Code Ninja

Marty Dill

If you are looking to learn iOS, .NET, Ruby, Software Architecture, etc., you’ve come to the right place. Besides iOS development, Marty also writes things like Mocking Frameworks and IOC Containers. He lives in Vernon, Canada. Follow @codemarty on Twitter.

The Mobile Montage

Jonathan Engelsma

Here you’ll find a collection of scattered thoughts on mobile technology and related topics, contributed by Jonathan Engelsma since 2009. Jonathan is a programmer, inventor, computer scientist, and mobile technology enthusiast. He is teaches at GVSU’s School of Computing. Follow @batwingd on Twitter.



A development blog written by Cory Bohon focusing on various aspects of development and testing. Cory loves all things technology. He is currently an iOS and Mac Engineer at MartianCraft, and writer of bits at CocoaApp. Follow @ObjDev & @CoryB on Twitter.

Korey Hinton’s Blog

Korey Hinton

Korey is a mobile/iOS/Web developer. He programs in C#, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Python, and JavaScript–in other words, he’s kind of prolific. This blog documents the important things he’s learned; you’ll no doubt learn from it as well. Follow @KoreyHinton on Twitter.

iOS Biz Weekly

Jeff Schoolcraft

Run by Jeff Schoolcraft, iOS Biz Weekly is a free, curated, weekly email of iOS Biz goodness, news & resources for iOSpreneurs. Jeff is a software consultant and developer based on Woodbridge, VA. Follow @JSchoolcraft on Twitter.

Andreas Kambanis’s Blog

Andreas Kambanis

As the founder of NibbleApps, Andreas shares tons of insights about creating and launching successful apps. Unbeatable fact: Andreas loves travelling, and is probably the first man who, starting from Vancouver, visited every country on the way down to Antarctica to hang out with penguins! Follow Andreas on Twitter or Medium.


Launched by Fernando Bunn in 2010, iDevzilla is a personal blog to share life, the universe–and some tech. You’ll find helpful tips and tutorials related to mobile dev. Fernando is an iOS Developer, ex-CEO, and Apple enthusiast who loves reading and writing. Follow @fcbunn on Twitter.

Rune Madsen’s Blog

Rune Madsen

Since 2009, Rune has constantly posted on this blog about his development experiences. As a solid iOS developer with extensive iOS design knowledge, you’ll find a lot of useful stuff about both design and dev. Rune is from Danmark, he now lives in Toronto, working for a startup. Follow @RunMad on Twitter.

iOS Development Journal

Scott Robertson

In this blog, Scott Robertson shares what he’s learned the hard way about iOS development. Scott developed a game called DropSort for the iPhone, and now works full-time as an iOS developer for A9. Follow Scott on GitHub.

Matthew Fecher’s Blog

matthew fecher

Matthew is an iOS Architect and Tech Editor for the popular iPhone/iPad ‘For Dummies’ book titles. He loves music and plays in the band The Sound and Color. He is also a top contributor for AudioKit, one of the easiest audio platforms. Follow @goFecher on Twitter.

iOS Programming in Swift

Rikin Desai

The top two keywords in Rikin Desai’s blog are iOS and Swift. You’ll learn plenty of tips related to these in his valuable writings. When Rikin is not coding, he likes to solve challenges from TopCoder.com, explore Swift, and play squash. Follow Rikin on Google+.

Matthew Cheok’s Blog

Matthew Cheok

Another great blog covering both design and development ffor mobile, by Matthew Cheok. He writes random ramblings about the Web, HTML, CSS, React, Swift, Objc, and UI/UX topics. Follow @MatthewCheok on Twitter.


Faisal Syed

If you are a student pursuing an iOS dev career, you should be motivated by Faisal Syed and his achievements. Though still in high school, he has founded CongenialApps and done some consulting work…wow! Faisal has set 3 goals, one of which is to attend Stanford University. Cheer him on and wish him luck on his blog! Follow @FaisalSyed123 on Twitter.

Nghia Luong’s Blog

Nghia Luong

Another excellent iOS developer who is also passionate about UI/UX, instantly proven by his website’s incredible design. He has been involved in iOS development for four years. When he’s not working, he loves sharing his thoughts about code, and about life. Follow Nghia on Github or StackOverflow.

John Girvin’s Blog

John Girvin

John is a “programmer with a screwdriver”, as he says on his blog. Since 2008, John has shared thoughts on iOS, Mac, indie games, and life. One of my favorite articles was the Post Mortem of Atoms, a free iOS game his team released in 2014. John is based in Northern Ireland. Follow @JohnGirvin on Twitter.

Swift Developer Blog

Sergey Kargopolov

Sergey is an experienced developer and a teacher. You’ll find this blog full of useful iOS app development topics. His “professional hobby” is teaching on Udemy; as he says, teaching helps him learn a great deal. I’m sure you’ll love his courses too. By the way, his YouTube channel is a goldmine for Swift video tutorials. I highly recommend you subscribe it. Follow @Kargopolov on Twitter.

H4Labs Swift Weekly

H4Labs Swift

H4Labs Swift Weekly is a, yes, weekly summary of news and good resources related to Swift. Mike and his team are also the creators of h4labs, a mobile language learning app for iPhone and iPad that teaches Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, German, and Italian. Follow @h4labs on Twitter.

That Thing In Swift


As the blog name indicates, it’s all about the things you need to know about Swift. Even though now Nick is branching out the topics a bit to provide a more general look at what’s currently happening in Swift, still you’ll learn a ton from his sharing. Follow @ObjctoSwift and @NickOneill on Twitter.


Tibor Bodecs

Another great Swift blog created by Tibor Bodecs, a proud iOS mobile app developer based on Budapest, Hungary. Here Tibor kindly shares his coding experiences in Swift with his readers. One of his favorite “Swiftish” quotes is, “If you are still writing Objective-C day-to-day, you’re writing legacy code.” – Jameson Quave. Follow @TiborBodecs on Twitter.

DevMountain Blog

DevMountain is a tech bootcamp teaching code & design. The courses include iOS and web development, user experience design, software QA, etc. Their community loves sharing their craft & empowering the next wave of makers. Follow @DevMtn on Twitter.

Michael Tsai’s Blog

Michael Tsai

One of the oldest, yet most active dev blogs out there. Michael has posted hundreds of articles ever since 2002, when the blog was created. He covers a variety of topics including Cocoa, App Store, iOS, Android, and many others. Michael also developed several apps including DropDMG, EagleFiler, SpamSieve. Be sure to check them out. Follow @mjtsai on Twitter.


DevFright is a blog where Matthew documents his iOS programming experience since 2012. Besides blogging about technical stuff, he also shares advice on what are some of the good ways and mindsets to do things.

Super Easy Apps Blog

Super Easy Apps by Paul Solt

If you have a great idea and want to make an app, but don’t know how to get started, then you should read the Super Easy Apps blog — created by Paul Solt. He is a former Apple employee who possesses a profound understanding of iOS apps and programming. He’s developed easy online courses — free and paid, teaching you how to make successful iPhone apps. Follow @PaulSolt on Twitter.

Ashish Kakkad’s Blog

Ashish is an iOS application developer in India. His blog is all about tutorials and articles related to iOS, Xcode, Swift and Objective-C. Besides coding, he also lovs to work in Photoshop like photo creation and editing. Follow @AshishKakkad on Twitter.

Dejal Development Blog

Dejal is an indie Mac and iOS development company. The Dejal blog occasionally features iOS & Mac developer topics, discussing open source projects or related developer topics, written by David Sinclair. Follow @dejal (company) or @dejus (developer) on Twitter.

Ravi Shankar’s Blog

This blog is mainly focussed on iOS development and other information on publishing apps to App Store. Ravi is a polyglot software developer based in Chennai, India. Follow @RShankra on Twitter.

Magento Blog

Magneto IT Solutions is a leading IT company that offers mobile app development and eCommerce solutions. The Magento Blog is a place to get the latest news, tips and advice for app dev in general including ios development.

Little Bites of Cocoa

Little Bits Of Cocoa

Created by Jake Marsh, Little Bites of Cocoa is a daily publication aimed at providing small “bites” (published each weekday morning at 9:42am…guess why?), tips and techniques for iOS and Mac development. In each post, you’ll learn a brief overview or explanation of a particular concept or tool. Follow @lilbitesofcocoa and @JakeMarsh on Twitter.

Learn to Code With Me

The blog is dedicated to helping self-taught coders, mainly covering web development, design, and freelance/career tips. They also sometimes cover iOS dev related topics like this and this. You’ll find their podcasts useful as well. Follow @LearnCodeWithMe on Twitter.

Sound of Silence

Matt Reagan

Sound-Of-Silence is an iOS & Mac development blog by Matt Reagan, a former Apple engineer, designer, and entrepreneur. The site features articles and tips covering both iOS and OS X development, Xcode, and a variety of other topics such as indie game development. Matt is also the founder of HumbleBeeSoft. Follow @hmblebee on Twitter.

Steffen Sommer’s Blog

Steffen is a passionate and ambitious Swift developer with a flair for design from Denmark. His blog covers topics such as Vapor, Server-Side Swift, ReactiveCocoa, MVVM, dependency injection, unit testing, AutoLayout, Swift and more. He now works for Nodes, an app development agency based out of London, Copenhagen, and Aarhus. Follow @steffendsommer on Twitter.

CodeWithChris Blog

Codewithchris is all about practical tips and guides about how to make an app with Swift and Xcode and turn your app idea into a reality. Chris has a course on Udemy teaching beginners how to make iPhone apps with no programming experience. You can also subscribe his YouTube channel for tons of great video resources. Follow @CodeWithChris on Twitter.

Bugfender Blog

Bugfender is a log collection service for application developers which helps them to reproduce and fix bugs more effectively. Bugfender blogs about iOS and Android development, useful tips and tools, current trends, remote culture and more. Follow @BugfenderApp on Twitter.

Indie Game Launchpad

If you have an iPhone/iPad game and wanted it to get found, Indie Game Launchpad is a wonderful site worth checking out. Like its name goes: it’s the home of indie games. They help tell the world about your game and where to download it. They also have lots of useful tips and resources about marketing mobile apps, such as the “Going Indie” series recently posted. Follow @Indie_launchpad on Twitter.

Netguru Blog

Netguru is a Poland-based web and mobile development agency specializing in creating online software and outsourcing work. The Netguru team blogs about code, mobile, startups, Ruby on Rails, Agile, web development, remote work & more. Follow @netguru on Twitter.

Pulkit Goyal’s Blog

Graduated in Computer Science from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Pulkit Goyal is a professional mobile and web developer. He has built a number of apps for both iOS and Android such as Shyahi, HowSoon, iDitty, and Croppola (see his portfolio here). His blog has a plethora of great iOS dev tips and code examples. Follow @PulkitGoyal on Twitter.

iOS Example

Created by Frank He in 2017, iOS Example dedicates to becoming one of the best online resources for iOS developers. You can find a hand-curated list of awesome iOS ecosystem full of useful Objective-C and Swift libraries and examples.

OnSIP VoIP Resources

The OnSIP blog is a place to discover VoIP features and benefits, brush up on the fundamentals, learn how to use hosted PBX features and equipment, compare VoIP providers and services, and explore our small business tips to help optimize your workflow and expand your customer base.

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Your Thoughts

Which blogs in this list are your favorites? Obviously, there are a lot more resources out there. If you happen to know any great bloggers who cover iOS software development, feel free to email us or comment below. We are open to new recommendations.

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